Fortigo is the only provider that guarantees freight audit accuracy.

The Freight Audit application reviews your freight bill and identifies incorrect charges based on a number of criteria including carrier service level agreements, negotiated rate sheets and volume discounts. It matches shipments to original order number or purchase order thus eliminating duplicate invoices. Charge items due for refund can be automatically submitted to carrier. Built-in carrier performance reports determine deviations from carrier service level agreements and are of great importance during contract negotiation.


  • Identifies shipments with time definitive service guarantee that were delivered late and for which there was no valid delay reason.
  • Identifies shipments that do not have proof of delivery.
  • Identifies shipments that were not picked up by the carrier, but there is a corresponding invoice charge.
  • A refund request can automatically be sent to the carrier via email. Audit reporting User can report on audited shipments by a number of different search criteria. The data fields included in the report and the number of lines displayed can be specified by the user.
  • Audit report search criteria include: ship date range, audit date range, carrier, late shipment flag, and damage shipment flag. User defined report fields The user can select any of the following fields to include in an audit report: shipment id, tracking number, ship date, audit result code, refund requested, refund reason, refund received, audit date, carrier excused reason, service level, expected delivery date, carrier, delivery date, and refund explanation.
  • Audit reports may be exported into CSV format.


  • Guarantee service refund
  • No proof of delivery
  • No pickup
  • Automated refund request
  • User defined search criteria
  • Report data export
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